Endorsement Policy

SEIU Endorsements for State and Local Offices  

Does the State Council have a policy for endorsements? The SEIU State Council has approved a new Candidate Endorsement policy. It includes a statewide endorsement committee and 4 or more regional interview committees of rank and file members from various SEIU locals.

What must a candidate do to be considered for endorsement? Any candidate, including incumbents, running for any office in Pennsylvania who wishes to be considered for endorsement by SEIU must complete a questionnaire. All challengers must complete a questionnaire and be interviewed in order to be considered for endorsement.

Who is on the Endorsement Committee and the Interview Committees? The Endorsement Committee consists of one member, one alternate member and the political director from each local union. Committee members must be registered to vote and contribute to COPE, if eligible. The regional Interview Committees consist of one member, one alternate member and one staff member from each local union in that region.

Who should I contact for more information? If you have questions about the process, you may call Diane Topakian at the State Council office at 717-232-1270. 


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