What is COPE?

The Committee on Political Education, or COPE, is the union’s voluntary political action fund that is used for our political activities.

Why not union dues? 

By law, your union cannot use your union dues for political purposes.  

Where does the money go?

All of the money goes into SEIU’s Political Account for use in local, state, and federal political activities. This money does not become part of the general treasury. A portion of the money goes to the federal PAC at the International office for use in Presidential, Congressional or U.S. Senate races.  

Does SEIU just give to Democrats?

NO! Our priority is to support pro-SEIU, pro-worker candidates and their issues no matter what party they are from.

Who can contribute to COPE?

Federal law limits COPE contributions to working and retired SEIU members. How do I sign up to contribute to COPE? You can sign up for COPE by contacting your local union.

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