Response to Paycheck Deception Vote

Following the paycheck deception vote in the Senate, Tom Herman, Secretary-Treasurer of the SEIU PA State Council and President of SEIU Local 668, issued the following statement:

“It’s no surprise that the state Senate, under the thumb of ultimate-insider Senator Scott Wagner, is choosing to run a piece of legislation that will silence the voice of working people across Pennsylvania. Scott Wagner is responsible for furloughing more than 500 unemployment compensation workers, and would rather they did not have a voice to fight back against his egregious actions.

“The Wagner Senate, having run on making things better for working people, has spent its first few weeks silencing worker voices, taking away paid sick leave benefits, restricting access to reproductive health-care, and imposing financial sanctions on cities that treat immigrant communities fairly.  Meanwhile, there has been no Senate movement to find a path to a $15 minimum wage, holding corporations accountable, or a finding a solution to protect funding for education, human services, and seniors.”

SEIU PA State Council Announces Endorsed Candidates for 2016 General Election

For Immediate Release:
August 24, 2016
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SEIU PA State Council Announces Endorsed Candidates for 2016 General Election

Harrisburg – Today, the SEIU Pennsylvania State Council released its list of endorsed candidates for the 2016 General Election. In this cycle, SEIU will center its electoral efforts around the Fight for Fair PA agenda, a vision for Pennsylvania that includes economic justice, racial justice, affordable childcare and long-term care for seniors, and immigration reform.

“SEIU is Fighting for a Fair PA. For too long, we have battled a growing movement to take rights away from working people instead of tackling issues that will make the lives of Pennsylvanians better,” said Gabe Morgan, President of the SEIU Pennsylvania State Council and Vice President/PA State Director of SEIU Local 32BJ. “Our plan is simple – it’s time to change course. That’s why we will be working to elect champions up and down the ballot who seek proactive change for working Pennsylvanians.”

“We’re also fighting for a broader movement – a commonwealth that is just and fair to communities of color, to LGBTQ communities, and other disenfranchised Pennsylvanians. A Pennsylvania that treats immigrant communities and all citizens with fairness and respect,” added Tom Herman, President of SEIU Local 668 and Secretary-Treasurer of the State Council.

The following is the list of the SEIU Pennsylvania State Council’s endorsed candidates:

U.S. Senate
Katie McGinty

U.S. House
CD 1 – Congressman Bob Brady
CD 2 – Dwight Evans
CD 6 — Michael Parrish
CD 7 – Mary Ellen Balchunis
CD 8 – Steve Santarsiero
CD 12 – Erin McClelland
CD-13 – Congressman Brendan Boyle
CD 14 – Congressman Mike Doyle
CD 16 – Christina Hartman
CD 17 – Congressman Matt Cartwright

PA Row Offices
Attorney General – Josh Shapiro
Treasurer – Joe Torsella
Auditor General – Eugene DePasquale

PA Senate
SD 1 – Senator Larry Farnese
SD 3 – Sharif Street
SD 5 – Senator John Sabatina
SD 7 – Senator Vince Hughes
SD 9 – Marty Malloy
SD 11 – Senator Judy Schwank
SD 15 – Senator Rob Teplitz
SD 17 – Senator Daylin Leach
SD 19 – Senator Andy Dinniman
SD 43 – Senator Jay Costa
SD 45 – Senator Jim Brewster
SD 49 – Senator Sean Wiley

PA House
HD 1 – Representative Patrick Harkins
HD 2 – Representative Flo Fabrizio
HD 3 – Representative Ryan Bizzarro
HD 7 – Representative Mark Longietti
HD 9 – Representative Chris Sainato
HD 10 – Representative Jaret Gibbons
HD 16 – Representative Rob Matzie
HD 18 – Representative Gene DiGirolamo
HD 19 – Representative Jake Wheatley
HD 20 – Representative Adam Ravenstahl
HD 21 – Representative Dom Costa
HD 22 – Representative Peter Schweyer
HD 23 – Representative Dan Frankel
HD 24 – Representative Ed Gainey
HD 25 – Representative Joe Markosek
HD 27 – Representative Dan Deasy
HD 28 – Craig Hammond
HD 29 – Representative Bernie O’Neill
HD 31 – Perry Warren
HD 32 – Representative Tony DeLuca
HD 33 – Leader Frank Dermody
HD 34 – Representative Paul Costa
HD 35 – Representative Marc Gergely
HD 36 – Representative Harry Readshaw
HD 38 — Representative Bill Kortz
HD 42 – Representative Dan Miller
HD 45 – Anita Kulik
HD 46 – Joe Szpara
HD 48 – Representative Brandon Neuman
HD 49—Alan Benyak
HD 50 – Representative Pam Snyder
HD 52 – Jim Mari
HD 58 – Mary Popovich
HD 70 – Representative Matt Bradford
HD 71 – Representative Bryan Barbin
HD 76 – Representative Mike Hanna
HD 77 – Representative Scott Conklin
HD 96 – Representative Mike Sturla
HD 103 – Representative Patty Kim
HD 113 – Representative Marty Flynn
HD 114 – Representative Sid Kavulich
HD 115 – Maureen Madden
HD 118 – Representative Mike Carroll
HD 119 – Representative Gerald Mullery
HD 120 – Bob McDonald
HD 121 – Representative Eddie Pashinksi
HD 122 – Neil Makhija
HD 123 – Representative Neal Goodman
HD 126 – Representative Mark Rozzi
HD 127 – Representative Thomas Caltagirone
HD 132 – Representative Mike Schlossberg
HD 133 – Representative Dan McNeill
HD 135 – Representative Steve Samuelson
HD 136 – Representative Bob Freeman
HD 137 – Dave Mattei
HD 140 – Representative John Galloway
HD 141 – Representative Tina Davis
HD 142 – Representative Frank Farry
HD 146 – Joe Ciresi
HD 148 – Representative Mary Jo Daley
HD 149 – Representative Tim Briggs
HD 150 – Linda Weaver
HD 151 – Jimmy Fagan Jr.
HD 152 – Representative Tom Murt
HD 153 – Representative Madeleine Dean
HD 154 – Representative Stephen McCarter
HD 156 – Carolyn Comitta
HD 157 — Hans von Mol
HD 158 – Susan Rzucidlo
HD 161 – Representative Leanne Krueger Braneky
HD 162 – Representative Nick Miccarelli
HD 163 – Barbarann Keffer
HD 164 – Representative Margo Davidson
HD 165 – Elaine Schaefer
HD 166 – Representative Greg Vitali
HD 167 – Joe Denham
HD 168 – Diane Corman-Levy
HD 170 – Matt Darragh
HD 172 – Representative Kevin Boyle
HD 173 – Representative Mike Driscoll
HD 174 – Representative Ed Neilson
HD 175 – Representative Mike O’Brien
HD 177 – Joe Hohenstein
HD 179 – Representative Jason Dawkins
HD 180 – Representative Angel Cruz
HD 181 — Representative W. Curtis Thomas
HD 182 – Representative Brian Sims
HD 183 – Phillips Armstrong
HD 184 – Representative Bill Keller
HD 185 – Representative Maria Donatucci
HD 186 – Representative Jordan Harris
HD 188 – Representative James Roebuck
HD 189 – Damary Bonilla Rodriguez
HD 190 – Representative Vanessa Lowery Brown
HD 191 – Representative Joanna McClinton
HD 192 – Morgan Cephas
HD 194 – Representative Pam DeLissio
HD 195 – Representative Donna Bullock
HD 197 – Representative Leslie Acosta
HD 198 – Representative Rosita Youngblood
HD 200 – Chris Rabb
HD 201 – Representative Steve Kinsey
HD 202 – Jared Solomon
HD 203 – Isabella Fitzgerald


SEIU Congratulates Endorsed Primary Candidates


Contact: 717.232.1270

On Primary Day, Pennsylvania Voters Send Strong Message of Support for SEIU Endorsed Candidates and Pro-Worker Agenda

Harrisburg, PA – The SEIU Pennsylvania State Council today applauded the victories of an overwhelming majority of its endorsed candidate in the Primary Election.

The following statement is attributable to Gabe Morgan, SEIU Pennsylvania State Council President and Pennsylvania Director of SEIU 32BJ, Neal Bisno, Secretary-Treasurer of the State Council and President of SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania, Tom Herman, President of SEIU Local 668, and David Melman, Manager of the PA Joint Board of Workers United.

“Yesterday, voters from across the commonwealth sent a strong message that it is time to elect candidates who are committed to improving the lives of working families.

“SEIU’s endorsed state-wide candidates, Hillary Clinton for President, Katie McGinty for U.S. Senate and Josh Shapiro for Attorney General, were all victorious last night.

“Pennsylvania SEIU members worked tirelessly to support our candidates, and we are proud of what we accomplished. The results last night made it known, loud and clear, that voters want elected officials who will fight for fair wages, access to childcare and healthcare, immigration reforms and racial justice. We will continue to fight for our champions through November and beyond.”

SEIU was front-and-center on stage for Katie McGinty’s election night celebration. Derrell Gibbs, a Philadelphia Security Officer and 32BJ SEIU member, introduced McGinty, “She’s good people. She cares about raising the minimum wage and the fight for $15. She stands for equal pay and rights for women. And she supports unions and has spent her time on picket lines supporting airport and fast food workers. She will fight for people like me,” Gibbs said.

Click here to see a full list of SEIU’s primary endorsements.

SEIU represents more than 80,000 Pennsylvanians who work in the fields of health care, public services and building services.


SEIU Announces 2016 Primary Endorsements

Harrisburg – In advance of the April 26 Primary Election, the SEIU Pennsylvania State Council announced its list of endorsed candidates.

“Elections are an opportunity to identify men and women who will be champions for the issues that matter most to working families,” said Gabe Morgan, President of the State Council and PA State Director for SEIU Local 32BJ. “These are individuals that stand in solidarity with 80,000 SEIU members in fighting for a $15 wage and the right to form a union. They stand with us in fighting for quality health and child care and reforms to our broken immigration and criminal justice systems.”

SEIU’s endorsement process is led by members across the commonwealth. Candidates for office meet with committees comprised of members representing SEIU’s four major locals – SEIU Local 32BJ, SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania, SEIU Local 668, and the Joint Board of Workers United. SEIU will announce another round of endorsements for the general election.

U.S. Senate
Katie McGinty

U.S. House
CD 2 – Congressman Chaka Fattah
CD 7 – Mary Ellen Balchunis
CD 8 – Steve Santarsiero
CD 12 – Erin McClelland
CD 14 – Congressman Mike Doyle
CD 16 – Christina Hartman

PA Row Offices
Attorney General – Josh Shapiro
Treasurer – Joe Torsella
Auditor General – Eugene DePasquale

PA Senate
SD 1 – Senator Larry Farnese
SD 5 – Representative Kevin Boyle
SD 9 – Marty Malloy
SD 15 – Senator Rob Teplitz
SD 35 – Senator John Wozniak

PA House
HD 19 – Representative Jake Wheatley
HD 20 – Representative Adam Ravenstahl
HD 24 – Representative Ed Gainey
HD 49—Alan Benyak
HD 58 – Mary Popovich
HD 103 – Representative Patty Kim
HD 112 – Representative Frank Farina
HD 115 – Andre Reames
HD 127 – Representative Thomas Caltagirone
HD 150 – Linda Weaver
HD 179 – Representative Jason Dawkins
HD 181 — Representative W. Curtis Thomas
HD 182 – Representative Brian Sims
HD 192 – Morgan Cephas
HD 194 – Representative Pam DeLissio
HD 202 – Representative Mark Cohen


Stopgap Budget is Unacceptable

Following the failure of a fatally flawed pension bill, Pennsylvania House Republican leadership is moving toward the passage of a stop-gap budget – a short-term bandaid that does little to increase funding for Pennsylvania’s schools and does nothing to fix the structural deficit facing the Commonwealth.

Pa Capitol Building

Pa Capitol Building

Gutting retirement security should never have been a perquisite to passing a responsible budget. Proponents of pension “reform” often claim that we need to cut benefits in order to fix Pennsylvania’s pension debt problems, but the bill that failed in the House on an overwhelmingly bipartisan basis would have ultimately increased costs by $1-2 billion. That’s not reform, nor fiscal responsibility.

The failure of an expensive pension gutting bill is not a reason for the House to not fulfill the responsibility to pass a complete, fiscally sound budget. The state has suffered enough during this nearly six-month impasse. Schools may close their doors in the New Year, and non-profits are cutting staff and turning away those in need.

Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman made that clear, telling the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “We are still looking for a 12-month budget. That is our goal.” Governor Wolf has announced that he will veto a stopgap budget.

We need real solution. The Senate already passed a responsible budget that makes the investments our state desperately need. The House should follow suit. It’s time to pass the complete budget that Pennsylvanians want and deserve.

SEIU PA supports Judges Donohue, Dougherty and Wecht for Pa. Supreme Court

Pa Supreme Court website page bannerOn November 3rd, Pennsylvanians will vote in a historic election. For the first time in state history, voters will elect three of the seven justices on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. This is the Commonwealth’s highest court, and has the final say on many important issues.Vote Nov3 Button 1 turn

This unprecedented election comes as workers are under siege. Extreme politicians want to attack our collective bargaining rights, overturn paid sick days, and end the right to organize.

We need judges who share our values. Our state needs a Supreme Court that treats everyone fairly and holds corporations accountable.

That’s why SEIU PA is supporting Judges Christine Donohue, Kevin Dougherty and David Wecht for the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

Judge Christine Donohue is a Pennsylvania Superior Court Judge, and the daughter of a United Mine Worker and a union seamstress.

“SEIU’s advocacy for working families is second to none and personally important to me, the daughter of a member of the International Ladies Garment Workers, now part of Workers United – SEIU. The working family values SEIU champions were part of my home growing up and a foundation of my work as a lawyer and judge.”

Judge Kevin Dougherty is a Philadelphia Common Pleas Judge and is also from a union family.

“I was born and raised in a union household and am immensely grateful for the experience. I learned that there is dignity in work. I came to understand that labor’s sacred principle of family-sustaining wages, good benefits, and safe working conditions is a noble aspiration for all American workers.”

Judge David Wecht is a Pennsylvania Superior Court Judge and has a strong record of applying equal justice for all.

“Receiving a vote of confidence in the form of an endorsement by some of our state’s hardest working individuals is humbling and something I take very seriously. I promise the members and leadership of SEIU that I will provide fair and honest justice for all while seated on the High Court.”

The voices of working families must be heard in the election. Years of corruption and scandal have rocked the court, and many important issues are on the line. This is the chance for workers to fight back.

On Election Day – Tuesday, November 3rd, vote for Judges Donohue, Dougherty and Wecht for Pennsylvania Supreme Court.


Black History Month: Celebrating African-Americans in the Labor Movement

Throughout the years, SEIU and its membership has been at the forefront of fighting for economic and social justice for all working people. This Black History Month timeline takes a look at the leaders, members and other African-American activists who have contributed to the rich fabric of the labor movement.

Continue Reading at SEIU.ORG

The Fight For $15 Is All Our Fight

Meet with Wolf Pack Justice Fighters

Each Saturday until Election Day on November 4th SEIU members in communities all across the state are giving a few hours of their time to help change Pennsylvania.  The volunteers are knocking on doors and talking with voters about why Democrat Tom Wolf should be the next Governor of Pennsylvania.

Recruiting that army of volunteers is the work of six SEIU Member Political Organizers: Alana Bennett, Teddy Daniels and Denise Stroman in Philadelphia, Christine Anderson and Angela Kemper in Pittsburgh and Karmella Sams with the Local 668 Building Power Campaign.

The volunteer coordinators are part of a new pilot program for SEIU.

“We go into the shops and meet with the other members,” said Denise Stroman, a 32BJ member and cleaner



in downtown Philadelphia.  “We talk about how Governor Corbett’s budget cuts have devastated our schools and why that’s harming our families and the community.”

The work that Denise and the other volunteer coordinators are doing is about more than increasing turnout for canvasses. Each conversation the volunteers have with voters is helping to change the political debate. On doorstep after doorstep, they’re talking about what really matters: quality schools, good jobs; higher wages and creating an economy where those who work hard can afford to raise a family.

That’s why Teddy Daniels tells people, “Yes WE can. We can get a lot done if we work together. That’s true at SEIU and everyone else.”

Teddy was one of the 3,000 32BJ school district workers who got layoff notices and made deep sacrifices in order to keep the schools open. As a cleaner, he sees firsthand how Corbett’s choice to slash education funding to pay for massive tax breaks for wealthy corporations is harming students and the community.

“The classrooms are so overcrowded that the kids aren’t getting the education they deserve, especially those needing extra help.  And there’s not enough school nurses for all the kids who are sick. It’s not acceptable.  No one should accept what’s happening in our schools.”

Across the state in Pittsburgh, the frustration over Corbett’s cuts is just as strong.

It’s what convinced Angela Kemper, a 32BJ member and a food service worker in downtown Pittsburgh, to join her union’s efforts to help elect Tom Wolf.  She says increasing voter turnout in a non-Presidential year is the key to victory.



“When I go to the work sites to recruit volunteers for the canvasses, I tell them that we can’t just vote for the President. It’s the City Council, the Mayor, the State Legislators and the Governor who all make the biggest decisions that affect our jobs and our lives.”

Angela says meeting Tom Wolf gives her even more confidence that he’s the best person for the job.

“He’s very humble. He told us that politics is very new to him and that he doesn’t have all the answers, but he wanted to get involved and try to help fix the state.”

Christine Anderson has been active in campaigns before, but this is her first leadership role. The nursing home worker and HCPA member is worried about the schools as well.

“I remember when I was growing up, people wanted to live in Penn Hills because the schools were great,” Christine says. “But after Corbett took the money from our education, it’s not the same. The classrooms are too crowded and there’s not enough supplies. The schools were better before Tom Corbett was Governor.”

Back in Philadelphia, Alana Bennett, another nursing home worker and HCPA member, says before joining SEIU she didn’t pay attention to politics. Now she’s learned that if we want to pass good laws then we have to elect the candidates who stand with us.

“That’s why I like being a volunteer coordinator. Not only can I make a difference, but I’m helping other members learn why they should get involved and together we’re all building power to fight for other issues in the future, such as a law setting safe patient to staff ratio, which is important to me and my union.”

Fighting for change in the state Capitol rather than at the ballot box is what motivates volunteer coordinator Karmella Sams of SEIU Local 668.  Most county and state workers are prohibited by federal law from campaigning or supporting a candidate so Karmella and other public sector workers are working on important issues.  She recruits and prepares members to meet with legislators, plan events, hold phone banks and create letter writing drives that focus on policies, such as raising the minimum wage.

“We’re building something powerful with this volunteer program,” Karmella says. “It gives the members a better understanding of the issues and we’re developing stronger relationships with our legislators, which could make a difference when they vote on a bill.”

Karmella and all of the volunteer coordinators say they’re extremely proud of their work to get more members involved in their union and to build power.

“What we’re doing – helping to elect Tom Wolf and other candidates who stand with working families and fighting for our issues – it’s changing lives,” Angela says. “If people would come out here once, I guarantee they’d love it.”


Aretha Spady: Why I’m Standing with Tom Wolf

My name is Aretha Spady. I am a home care worker from north Philadelphia and on Friday, October 3rd, Tom Wolf walked a day in my shoes.

And let me tell you, he wasn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves and do everything I asked. He made the bed, folded laundry, did the dishes and swept the floors to help take care of Mr. Leroy, my consumer. Even more importantly, he listened to us as we shared our ideas for making the home care system better. And there is a lot of room for improvement. Right now I make $10.50 an hour working 40 hours a week. I still can’t make ends meet and I live paycheck to paycheck. My job does not provide healthcare, sick days, or vacation. In fact, the last time I went on vacation was when I was a child. Millions of Pennsylvania seniors and people with disabilities depend on having reliable, quality care and the majority want to receive it in their homes. Tom Wolf gets that. That’s why he supports making sure home and community-based services get the funding it needs to provide the best care.  Governor Corbett, on the other hand, wants to cut Medicaid benefits for over million Pennsylvanians who rely on it to stay healthy. For me, the choice is easy. I truly believe Tom Wolf is going to do what’s right by home care workers, seniors and people with disabilities. That’s why I am supporting him on November 4 and even after to make sure Pennsylvania has a health care system we can all be proud of. Aretha Spady, Home Care Attendant, Philadelphia

Marilyn Mercado: Tom Wolf is the candidate that we need right now

What happens if Tom Corbett wins re-election and gets four more years as governor?

“It would be a nightmare. I don’t’ even want to think about It,” says Marilyn Mercado of SEIU Local 668. “As much damage as Tom Corbett has already caused to our schools, healthcare and economy, the problems in our state will get so much worse if he gets another term.”

Marilyn know it’s time for change. That’s why she’s joining more than 50 other SEIU members who are spending five days a week canvassing to help elect Tom Wolf for governor.

“There is an urgency to educate people about the damage Tom Corbett has caused,” she says about her work talking with voters in Allentown. “We’re out there informing people that there are ways to bring Pennsylvania back.

“We need to elect Tom Wolf as the next Governor. He understands that working people are struggling and he supports the things regular people want. He will put teachers back in the classroom, work to create good jobs, expand healthcare and raise the minimum wage.

“Tom Wolf on our side, not the wealthy and big corporations like Tom Corbett.”

As a state worker and mother of two adult children, Marilyn likes that Tom Wolf is a responsible business owner who has built his own business twice. While canvassing she points out to people that Wolf respects his employees and shares 20% to 30% of the company’s profits with them.

“He is very down to Earth,” Marilyn says. “He listens to people.”

Like millions of Pennsylvanians, Marilyn has been frustrated watching Tom Corbett put the interests of the wealthy and big corporations – like the Marcellus Shale companies – ahead of working families. Over the past four years, Corbett has refused to make the drillers pay a severance tax on the natural gas they take from our land and he won’t close the Delaware loophole which businesses use to avoid paying taxes.

“It wrong and it doesn’t have to be this way. Tom Wolf will close the loopholes and make drillers pay a responsible tax like they do in every other gas producing state so we can restore the $1 billion taken from our schools.

“Tom Corbett has made our lives harder. Tom Wolf is the right candidate that we need right now. We need someone who will fight for Pennsylvania and that’s Tom Wolf.”

Now is the time to get involved by joining other SEIU members in helping to make Tom Wolf the next governor of Pennsylvania. Volunteer canvasses will be held in cities throughout the state, including Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown, Erie, Scranton and many more. If we’re going to defeat Tom Corbett and help elect a pro-worker governor then we need your help. Click here to view the complete list of upcoming SEIU canvasses and sign up for one near you.


Stanley Dawson: This election is about saving our city

“Tom Corbett has devastated Philadelphia. His budget cuts, especially to the city’s schools, are awful.

Stanley Dawson of SEIU Healthcare PA canvasses in Philadelphia to help save his city.

Stanley Dawson of SEIU Healthcare PA canvasses in Philadelphia to help save his city.

Our kids need a good education and they deserve a lot better than they’re getting from Tom Corbett,” Stanley Dawson said. “It’s time for a change.”

The SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania member is doing his best to make that change happen. Stanley, who works at a Philadelphia area nursing home, is spending nearly two months to help elect Tom Wolf as the next Governor of Pennsylvania. He’s one of more than 50 SEIU members taking a leave from work to hit the streets in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Allentown and to educate voters and build support for Tom Wolf for governor.

For Stanley, this race comes down to one simple, but extremely important belief. Fairness.

“Tom Corbett has proven over the last four years that all he cares about is the big corporations, like the Marcellus Shale companies. He gives them tax breaks and the rest of us have to pay for it,” Stanley said during a recent canvass in North Philadelphia.

“But Tom Wolf is a different story. Tom Wolf is for the working people and the middle class in this state. He’ll stand with us, not the big guys.”

Stanley knows that Tom Wolf will return the $1 billion that Tom Corbett slashed from public schools which has forced massive cutbacks in classrooms around the state. In Philadelphia, Corbett’s funding cuts are so severe the crisis nearly prevented the schools from opening on time.

Stanley also likes that Tom Wolf has built a successful business in York County with American-made products. And best of all, Wolf treats his workers fairly with good wages and benefits. And he returns 20 to 30 percent of the company’s profits back to the workers.

Filled with that motivation, Stanley plans to take great pride with every knock and every conversation he has with voters over the next several weeks. He knows it’s a great opportunity to educate people about Tom Wolf and the fight for fairness.

“I know that without a doubt I’m making a difference by canvassing and talking with voters. There are people do not know anything about the upcoming governor’s race. They are not aware of what is going on. It makes me feel good when I can knock on the door, talk to someone and educate them so they know to go to the polls on November 4th and vote for Tom Wolf.”


SEIU Wolf Pack jumps to action in North Philly

For 32BJ SEIU member Nicole Upshaw, canvassing on the streets of North Philadelphia to help elect Tom Wolf for governor was familiar territory. As a security officer, she knows these streets and many people in this community. And most importantly, she knows what’s at stake in this neighborhood in the election for Pennsylvania’s governor.

“Governor Tom Corbett is a mess. He’s a mess,” Nicole said as she was volunteering during a recent canvass

Nicole Upshaw canvasses  in North Philadelphia to help elect Tom Wolf

Nicole Upshaw canvasses in North Philadelphia to help elect Tom Wolf

to support SEIU’s endorsed candidate Tom Wolf. “Corbett is messing up everything for everyone.”

“People are ready for change,” she added. “North Philly is ready for a change, better wages, better schools and a better community. And we’re ready for Tom Wolf.”

Nicole is working hard to help Tom Wolf become the next governor and to sweep Tom Corbett out of office. She spent a few hours on a recent Saturday with the SEIU Wolf Pack. The hundreds of SEIU members are volunteering to knock on doors and talk with their community about the damage Corbett has done to our schools, jobs and healthcare and why they should vote for Tom Wolf on the November 4th Election Day.

“Because of Tom Corbett’s budget cuts our schools in Philadelphia are in crisis. He’s forced schools to close all over the city and now the classrooms are overcrowded. It’s so bad the schools barely opened this year,” Nicole said. “It’s wrong and we have to do something about it.”

As angry as she is about Tom Corbett’s failures, she’s just as excited to support Tom Wolf. She knows he’ll return the $1 billion that Corbett cut from Pennsylvania’s schools and he’ll stand with workers to fight for good jobs, better wages and the healthcare that people need.

“I’m volunteering because we’ve got to get people to go out and vote. Tom Wolf cares about us and we’ve got to help him win this election.

“Tom Corbett doesn’t stand with us. He’s fighting for the big corporations and the wealthy. If we don’t defeat him now then imagine how much damage he’ll do if we give him four more years. Imagine what will happen to our schools and the jobs in this state.”

Now is the time to get involved by joining other SEIU members in helping to make Tom Wolf the next governor of Pennsylvania. Volunteer canvasses will be held in cities throughout the state, including Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown, Erie, Scranton and many more. If we’re going to defeat Tom Corbett and help elect a pro-worker governor then we need your help. Click here to view the complete list of upcoming SEIU canvasses and sign up for one near you.

SEIU Wolf Pack volunteer Darlene Techentin

When the SEIU Wolf Pack hit the streets last weekend in Philadelphia, Allentown and Scranton many of the volunteers were rookies, but some were old pros like Darlene Techentin from SEIU Healthcare PA. The nursing home aide joined her mom to go door-to-door in Allentown to talk about electing Tom Wolf for governor.

Like the other volunteers from 32BJ SEIU and SEIU 668, Darlene is angry about Gov. Tom Corbett’s failed leadership. As a grandmother, she’s worried about the quality of education her grandchildren will receive after Corbett slashed schools by $1 billion.

“Tom Corbett has taken a lot from education,” said Darlene, a 13-year member of SEIU. “All children deserve a good education, a well-rounded education. His cuts have made schools eliminate gym, health, music, library and other important programs. That’s not a good thing.”

Statewide, Corbett’s education cuts have forced 20,000 teachers and staff out of our schools as classroom sizes increased and school districts raised property taxes to make up for the huge decline in state funding.

Allentown, where Darlene volunteered, is among the hardest hit. The city’s schools cut 400 jobs and hiked property taxes 5 percent in each of the past two years, according to the Allentown Morning Call.

Darlene likes that Tom Wolf will reverse Corbett’s deep education cuts and that he believes Pennsylvania should expand Medicaid. Gov. Corbett has refused to accept federal funding to increase access to healthcare for 500,000 working people and families.

“I see what happens to people without healthcare. It’s a terrible financial burden and some people are losing their homes. Other people simply go without care which can cost them their life.

Darlene Techentin is fighting to give PA a fresh start by electing Tom Wolf as governor.

Darlene Techentin is fighting to give PA a fresh start by electing Tom Wolf as governor.

She added, “I like that Tom Wolf supports Medicaid expansion. He understands that it is the right thing to do for uninsured workers and will help to create jobs.”

Darlene has been following Wolf for many months. A while back she emailed him with questions about his position on several issues. She was pleasantly surprised that she got a response and she loved his answers.

That passion has Darlene excited about becoming actively involved in SEIU’s program to elect Wolf on November 4th. She knows that Pennsylvania can’t take another four years of Tom Corbett. And she’s equally passionate about Tom Wolf because of his support for working families, reversing the Corbett school cuts and starting to create an economy that works for all us.

Darlene is encouraging her SEIU brothers and sisters to join her fight for Tom Wolf. Starting in September, volunteers across the state will hit the streets each Saturday in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown, Altoona, Erie and Scranton to help inform their communities about Tom Wolf and get out the vote.

Want to join the SEIU Wolf Pack or find out about volunteer opportunities near you? Email the volunteer coordinator at

GOTV Weekend is here. Sign up TODAY

SEIU is proud to support Tom Wolf for governor. He knows that when we raise wages and support working families, we lift up our whole community. Join the SEIU Wolf Pack.  Sign up today.

Tom Wolf poses for pictures with SEIU members during an endorsement event in Philadelphia.

Tom Wolf poses for pictures with SEIU members during an endorsement event in Philadelphia.

If Tom Wolf is going to win this election then he needs our help to make sure people get to the polls on Tuesday, November 4th. As Tom says, the only poll that matters is the number of votes on Election Day.

SEIU is organizing canvasses and Get Out the Vote efforts throughout Pennsylvania on Saturday, Nov. 1, Monday, Nov. 3 and on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 4.  

Click here for a list of canvass locations and to sign up.

It is important that you sign up so we are prepared when you arrive. After you sign up, someone will contact you with more details.  Still have questions? Contact your Local or email

Please note – some SEIU members, such as state and local government employees or those working at programs that get federal funding, may not be allowed to participate in the canvasses due to a federal law known as the Hatch Act or Civil Service rules. If you are a “Hatched member”, you can still participate in the electoral process! However there are rules that you must follow.  Please use the links below to see how Hatched Members can help elect candidate(s) who support Pennsylvania’s working families.

If you still have questions, please contact your Local.