About the State Council

SEIU Pennsylvania State Council works to coordinate and unify the collective political, administrative and communications structure of all SEIU locals and districts throughout Pennsylvania.

We represent approximately 80,000 members in the fastest growing union in the state in areas of health care, public services and building services.

The Pennsylvania State Council strives to build greater unity among all SEIU local and districts in Pennsylvania, and to mobilize our membership to pursue an action-oriented, issue driven agenda that improves the lives of the workers we represent.

Our mission is to unite Pennsylvania members to speak with one voice in electing officials on local, state and federal levels through political activism, and work to rebuild and revitalize the labor movement in Pennsylvania.

We achieve our mission through actions that include:

  • Member Political Organizer Program
  • Issue-oriented member and public education
  • Member and retired member mobilization
  • Legislative coordination and lobbying
  • Regional and statewide communications
  • Coalition building
  • Training

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