With Over 1,183,105 Calls To Voters To Date, SEIU PA Aims To Turn Out Infrequent Voters of Color Across the Commonwealth


October 26, 2020 

Contact: Aurore Tellier-Gomez, SEIU PA

With Over 1,183,105 Calls To Voters To Date, SEIU PA Aims To Turn Out Infrequent Voters of Color Across the Commonwealth

In Historic Effort, Essential Workers–Members of SEIU–have reached out to over 1 million PA voters

PENNSYLVANIA –– Today, Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Pennsylvania State Council, on behalf of its 80,000 members in healthcare, the public sector, and property services, warehouse, food service and call center workers, released the latest data on their voter contact effort. 

SEIU member political organizers (MPOs), most of them frontline essential workers, are reaching out to voters who might be less likely to turn out in this election, as well as undecided voters. These efforts are landing in all corners of the Commonwealth – from Philadelphia and Pittsburgh and their suburbs, to smaller cities and towns in the Northeast.  

The program is driven by MPOs (member political organizers), nurses and healthcare workers, public workers, security officers and building cleaners who are dedicating themselves full time to elect Joe Biden and pro-worker candidates up and down the ballot. Many of these workers have been on the frontlines of COVID for months and are now doing everything in their power to elect a President who will get the pandemic under control and make sure essential workers are protected. 

As early voting continues and we get closer to Election Day, SEIU PA’s members and volunteers have reached out to more than 1 million PA voters. In 2016, President Trump won Pennsylvania by nearly 45,000 votes, and through our voter contact program we’re ensuring that history does not repeat.

Voter Outreach

  • Since July 24, SEIU PA has called more than 1,183,105 potential voters and contacted 39,066
  • With less than one week until Election Day, SEIU PA has surpassed over 1 million attempts. 
  • During the last week alone, SEIU PA made over 202,727 calls statewide and contacted more than 6,658 voters.
  • Approximately 70%  of voters contacted thus far have shared that they support Joe Biden for President, while 16% intend to vote for Donald Trump.

Additionally, SEIU announced major partnerships to mobilize voters of color to the polls, including:

  • SEIU and Priorities USA Action are launching a partnership that will include a digital advertising campaign meant to turn out infrequent Black and Latino voters across Pennsylvania. The ads will run as part of an over $4 million campaign on digital platforms and primarily target young voters in the run up to Election Day. 
  • SEIU is investing in BlackPAC to stand up a robust direct mail program to Black voters in Pennsylvania to help ensure awareness and participation in the upcoming elections. SEIU is investing $815K in support.
  • From Labor Day to Election Day, SEIU is projected to have spent $365,851 in paid media investments targeting Congressional Districts 8 and 10, voter education, and Biden/Harris ads
  • SEIU launched a national GOTV campaign that focuses on conversations with health care workers and those who feel health care is the number one priority in this year’s election. Through a robust digital ad campaign in Pennsylvania, SEIU is spending nearly $500,000 to drive digital conversation around the topic of healthcare in hopes of turning out the vote.

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