SEIU Endorses Joe Biden for President

transparent-seiu-for-biden-275SEIU Pennsylvania Members: Joe Biden has the experience, character, compassion, steady leadership to tackle the challenges before us and lead us to a better future.

Harrisburg —The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) endorsed Joe Biden for president, calling him a leader with a plan to make it easier for millions of workers to join unions. In making the announcement, the SEIU Pennsylvania State Council also noted his commitment to breaking down the systemic racism and exclusion that keeps working families and our communities from getting ahead.

“Joe Biden will fight for affordable, quality healthcare for all, equity and justice for communities of color and immigrant families, full and fair participation in our democracy and economy, and will make sure every worker can earn at least $15 an hour and have the right to form their union,” said Artinese Malachi of Pittsburgh, an LPN, and member of SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania. “He stands with us on the issues that matter to our families the most, and will protect the rights of all workers.”

“The members of SEIU in Pennsylvania are proud to support Joe Biden for president,” said Gabe Morgan, President of the SEIU Pennsylvania State Council. “He’ll be ready on day one to move us past business as usual and unrig the rules that have kept working people – especially women and people of color – from getting ahead.”

Joe Biden knows our economy and politics are broken, with too many Black, brown, API and immigrant workers having to work the lowest wage jobs with no healthcare and no union rights. SEIU members in Pennsylvania have been at the forefront of ending a system that is rigged against them, which has been laid bare by the coronavirus pandemic.

Biden has a comprehensive plan for fighting that pandemic that focuses on testing, personal protective equipment, nationwide standards to send people back to work safely, and the need to protect Black, brown, API and native communities that are being hardest hit.

“The essential workers united in SEIU are all in to elect Joe Biden because we know he will do what is essential for working people,” said SEIU International President Mary Kay Henry. “In this moment of reckoning for our nation, Joe Biden has the experience, compassion and steady leadership to tackle the coronavirus pandemic and the long-standing economic and racial inequality that it has exacerbated. SEIU is two million essential workers strong, ready to mobilize and organize to elect Joe Biden in November.”

SEIU members in Pennsylvania will be a key part of SEIU’s national voter engagement program, which is focused on turning out SEIU members, their families and their communities, while expanding the electorate by turning out infrequent Black, Latino and Asian American Pacific Islander voters. Thousands of volunteers will be active in 40 states across the country, and will be turning their enthusiasm and their fight for the soul of this nation into a victory for Joe Biden this November.


The locals of the SEIU Pennsylvania State Council include SEIU Local 32BJ, SEIU Local 668, SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania, and the Pennsylvania Joint Board of Workers United. These locals represent 80,000 workers statewide – including property service workers, health care workers, public service workers, school employees, laundry and distribution workers.

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