Governor Wolf Recommits to Fighting for $15

Statement On Wolf’s Minimum Wage Press Conference

On behalf of the 80,000 members represented by SEIU throughout the state, we applaud Governor Wolf for recommitting the original proposal that puts PA’s minimum wage on a path to $15. We know that it is past time for Pennsylvanians to earn a living wage, and that anti-worker leaders in the PA House refused to compromise on even the most modest of increases that would have come at the cost of trading away stronger overtime standards. We look forward to the Governor’s budget address, in which he has stated that raising the minimum wage will be a top priority. SEIU stands proudly with Governor Wolf, and will fight side by side with his office to help PA workers earn the compensation they deserve.

 “Every other state around us has realized this is the smart thing to do. We can’t have our rent, food prices, and our medical bills continue to go up every year and have the minimum wage stand still for more than a decade. Home care workers like me are doing an important and difficult job and we do it for very little pay. But we love our jobs. We just want to be able to live a normal life. A living wage would help us do that.”

 — Melody Vines, SEIU Home Care Worker

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