First Primary Endorsements of 2020

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For Immediate Release: January 22, 2020

SEIU PA State Council Releases First Primary Endorsements of 2020

HARRISBURG: The SEIU (Service Employees International Union) Pennsylvania State Council released its first round of endorsements for the 2020 primary election today. In addition to two open seat endorsements, SEIU endorsed incumbent state legislators involved in primary elections who have maintained a 100% voting record with the union, proving to be the strongest advocates for working families across the state.

“Today, we are proud to endorse legislators who have shown us they stand strong with SEIU members on issues like immigration, social justice and worker rights. These legislators are the gold standard for what SEIU members are looking for in elected leaders,” said Gabe Morgan, President of the SEIU PA State Council and Vice President of SEIU Local 32BJ. “To truly promote Unions for ALL, 2020 candidates must unabashedly champion economic and racial justice, and commit to throwing the doors open for every person in this state to have the opportunity to join a union, no matter where they work, the color of their skin, or where they were born.”

SEIU will announce additional primary endorsements on a rolling basis following a member-driven endorsement process.

In the 2020 election cycle, SEIU is seeking to change Pennsylvania’s political dynamics — continuing the work to elect a legislature that doesn’t stop at defending workers rights, but seeks to unrig the rules that favor corporate power and create good union jobs that Pennsylvania communities deserve.

“For too long, Pennsylvanians — whether black, white, or brown — have suffered from the anti-worker sentiment that is crippling the middle class,” said Steve Catanese, President of Local 668 and board member of the State Council.

The locals of the SEIU Pennsylvania State Council include SEIU Local 32BJ, SEIU Local 668, SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania, and the Pennsylvania Joint Board of Workers United. These locals represent 80,000 workers statewide – including property service workers, health care workers, public service workers, school employees, laundry and distribution workers.

SEIU PA State Council 2020 Early Endorsed Candidates

State Rep. Sara Innamorato: HD-21
State Rep. Pete Schweyer: HD-22
State Rep. Summer Lee: HD-34
State Rep. Danielle Otten: HD-155
State Rep. Kristine Howard: HD-167
State Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta: HD-181
State Rep. Brian Sims: HD-182
State Rep. James Roebuck: HD-188
State Rep. Danilo Burgos: HD-197
State Rep. Chris Rabb: HD-200
State Rep. Jared Solomon: HD-202
State Rep. Lawrence Farnese: SD-1

Roni Green: HD-190
Jess Benham: HD-36

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