Response to State Budget

SEIU members work tirelessly everyday to ensure fair policies that support workers and help families raise happy, healthy and responsible children. During this budget season, SEIU members fought to ensure that their core values were reflected in the Pennsylvania state budget.

The budget includes a significant investment in the state’s homecare workforce and broadly raises their pay for the first time in 5 years. Importantly, it also increases funding for public education. However, House Republican leadership once again failed to listen to the needs of Pennsylvania’s working families, and the budget bill comes painfully short in many key areas.

The general appropriations bill contains no minimum wage increase, even though Pennsylvania workers have not seen an increase in 13 years. Funding for General Assistance – which provides minimal relief to Pennsylvania’s most vulnerable citizens, including veterans and women escaping domestic violence – was eliminated. The budget does not include funding to help reach undercounted communities in the 2020 census, a defeat for democracy.

But the fight is not over. SEIU members will spend the summer and fall ensuring that the legislature cannot ignore these core priorities, and will fight tirelessly for a General Assembly that reflects the needs of working families.

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