SEIU Endorses Michael Wojcik for Commonwealth Court

HARRISBURG, Oct. 22, 2015 – The Pennsylvania State Council of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) has endorsed Michael Wojcik

Michael Wojcik, SEIU’s endorsed candidate for Commonwealth Court in the Nov. 3rd election.

Michael Wojcik, SEIU’s endorsed candidate for Commonwealth Court in the Nov. 3rd election.

for Commonwealth Court. One seat is open on the court which hears appeals and original civil cases involving labor law, local and state issues such as voter ID, and many other regulatory cases.
This statement is attributable to Gabe Morgan, SEIU Pennsylvania State Council President and Pennsylvania Director of SEIU 32BJ, Neal Bisno,

Secretary-Treasurer of the State Council and President of SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania, Tom Herman, President of SEIU Local 668, and David Melman, Manager of the PA Joint Board of Workers United.

“While extreme special interests are trying to take the rights of hardworking men and women, this is an important moment to elect a Commonwealth Court judge who will stand up for working families. Throughout his distinguished career, Michael Wojcik has repeatedly demonstrated a commitment to protecting the rights of all people under the law.

“As the son of a 60-year United Mine Worker, Wojcik’s education and life is built on the wages and benefits won by the labor movement in Pennsylvania. A former Allegheny Council Solicitor and now in private practice, Wojcik has a record of ensuring equal justice under the law. He is active in the fight against Voter ID, fought to protect voting rights of people with disabilities, minorities and college students, and provides free legal services to women seeking Protection for Abuse orders.

“The working families of Pennsylvania need Michael Wojcik on Commonwealth Court and the members of SEIU will proudly put him on a path to victory.”

Michael Wojcik added, “When it comes to standing up for working family values, no one does it better than SEIU. Coming from a family headed by a 60-year member of the United Mine Workers, I understand what SEIU fights for and I will bring a working family perspective to court with me every day if voters honor me with their trust and elect me to the Commonwealth Court.”

SEIU PA is also supporting Judges Christine Donohue, Kevin Dougherty and David Wecht in the election for state Supreme Court.

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