SEIU PA supports Judges Donohue, Dougherty and Wecht for Pa. Supreme Court

Pa Supreme Court website page bannerOn November 3rd, Pennsylvanians will vote in a historic election. For the first time in state history, voters will elect three of the seven justices on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. This is the Commonwealth’s highest court, and has the final say on many important issues.Vote Nov3 Button 1 turn

This unprecedented election comes as workers are under siege. Extreme politicians want to attack our collective bargaining rights, overturn paid sick days, and end the right to organize.

We need judges who share our values. Our state needs a Supreme Court that treats everyone fairly and holds corporations accountable.

That’s why SEIU PA is supporting Judges Christine Donohue, Kevin Dougherty and David Wecht for the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

Judge Christine Donohue is a Pennsylvania Superior Court Judge, and the daughter of a United Mine Worker and a union seamstress.

“SEIU’s advocacy for working families is second to none and personally important to me, the daughter of a member of the International Ladies Garment Workers, now part of Workers United – SEIU. The working family values SEIU champions were part of my home growing up and a foundation of my work as a lawyer and judge.”

Judge Kevin Dougherty is a Philadelphia Common Pleas Judge and is also from a union family.

“I was born and raised in a union household and am immensely grateful for the experience. I learned that there is dignity in work. I came to understand that labor’s sacred principle of family-sustaining wages, good benefits, and safe working conditions is a noble aspiration for all American workers.”

Judge David Wecht is a Pennsylvania Superior Court Judge and has a strong record of applying equal justice for all.

“Receiving a vote of confidence in the form of an endorsement by some of our state’s hardest working individuals is humbling and something I take very seriously. I promise the members and leadership of SEIU that I will provide fair and honest justice for all while seated on the High Court.”

The voices of working families must be heard in the election. Years of corruption and scandal have rocked the court, and many important issues are on the line. This is the chance for workers to fight back.

On Election Day – Tuesday, November 3rd, vote for Judges Donohue, Dougherty and Wecht for Pennsylvania Supreme Court.


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