Marilyn Mercado: Tom Wolf is the candidate that we need right now

What happens if Tom Corbett wins re-election and gets four more years as governor?

“It would be a nightmare. I don’t’ even want to think about It,” says Marilyn Mercado of SEIU Local 668. “As much damage as Tom Corbett has already caused to our schools, healthcare and economy, the problems in our state will get so much worse if he gets another term.”

Marilyn know it’s time for change. That’s why she’s joining more than 50 other SEIU members who are spending five days a week canvassing to help elect Tom Wolf for governor.

“There is an urgency to educate people about the damage Tom Corbett has caused,” she says about her work talking with voters in Allentown. “We’re out there informing people that there are ways to bring Pennsylvania back.

“We need to elect Tom Wolf as the next Governor. He understands that working people are struggling and he supports the things regular people want. He will put teachers back in the classroom, work to create good jobs, expand healthcare and raise the minimum wage.

“Tom Wolf on our side, not the wealthy and big corporations like Tom Corbett.”

As a state worker and mother of two adult children, Marilyn likes that Tom Wolf is a responsible business owner who has built his own business twice. While canvassing she points out to people that Wolf respects his employees and shares 20% to 30% of the company’s profits with them.

“He is very down to Earth,” Marilyn says. “He listens to people.”

Like millions of Pennsylvanians, Marilyn has been frustrated watching Tom Corbett put the interests of the wealthy and big corporations – like the Marcellus Shale companies – ahead of working families. Over the past four years, Corbett has refused to make the drillers pay a severance tax on the natural gas they take from our land and he won’t close the Delaware loophole which businesses use to avoid paying taxes.

“It wrong and it doesn’t have to be this way. Tom Wolf will close the loopholes and make drillers pay a responsible tax like they do in every other gas producing state so we can restore the $1 billion taken from our schools.

“Tom Corbett has made our lives harder. Tom Wolf is the right candidate that we need right now. We need someone who will fight for Pennsylvania and that’s Tom Wolf.”

Now is the time to get involved by joining other SEIU members in helping to make Tom Wolf the next governor of Pennsylvania. Volunteer canvasses will be held in cities throughout the state, including Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown, Erie, Scranton and many more. If we’re going to defeat Tom Corbett and help elect a pro-worker governor then we need your help. Click here to view the complete list of upcoming SEIU canvasses and sign up for one near you.


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