Stanley Dawson: This election is about saving our city

“Tom Corbett has devastated Philadelphia. His budget cuts, especially to the city’s schools, are awful.

Stanley Dawson of SEIU Healthcare PA canvasses in Philadelphia to help save his city.

Stanley Dawson of SEIU Healthcare PA canvasses in Philadelphia to help save his city.

OurĀ kids need a good education and they deserve a lot better than they’re getting from Tom Corbett,” Stanley Dawson said. “It’s time for a change.”

The SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania member is doing his best to make that change happen. Stanley, who works at a Philadelphia area nursing home, is spending nearly two months to help elect Tom Wolf as the next Governor of Pennsylvania. He’s one of more than 50 SEIU members taking a leave from work to hit the streets in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Allentown and to educate voters and build support for Tom Wolf for governor.

For Stanley, this race comes down to one simple, but extremely important belief. Fairness.

“Tom Corbett has proven over the last four years that all he cares about is the big corporations, like the Marcellus Shale companies. He gives them tax breaks and the rest of us have to pay for it,” Stanley said during a recent canvass in North Philadelphia.

“But Tom Wolf is a different story. Tom Wolf is for the working people and the middle class in this state. He’ll stand with us, not the big guys.”

Stanley knows that Tom Wolf will return the $1 billion that Tom Corbett slashed from public schools which has forced massive cutbacks in classrooms around the state. In Philadelphia, Corbett’s funding cuts are so severe the crisis nearly prevented the schools from opening on time.

Stanley also likes that Tom Wolf has built a successful business in York County with American-made products. And best of all, Wolf treats his workers fairly with good wages and benefits. And he returns 20 to 30 percent of the company’s profits back to the workers.

Filled with that motivation, Stanley plans to take great pride with every knock and every conversation he has with voters over the next several weeks. He knows it’s a great opportunity to educate people about Tom Wolf and the fight for fairness.

“I know that without a doubt I’m making a difference by canvassing and talking with voters. There are people do not know anything about the upcoming governor’s race. They are not aware of what is going on. It makes me feel good when I can knock on the door, talk to someone and educate them so they know to go to the polls on November 4th and vote for Tom Wolf.”


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