SEIU Wolf Pack jumps to action in North Philly

For 32BJ SEIU member Nicole Upshaw, canvassing on the streets of North Philadelphia to help elect Tom Wolf for governor was familiar territory. As a security officer, she knows these streets and many people in this community. And most importantly, she knows what’s at stake in this neighborhood in the election for Pennsylvania’s governor.

“Governor Tom Corbett is a mess. He’s a mess,” Nicole said as she was volunteering during a recent canvass

Nicole Upshaw canvasses  in North Philadelphia to help elect Tom Wolf

Nicole Upshaw canvasses in North Philadelphia to help elect Tom Wolf

to support SEIU’s endorsed candidate Tom Wolf. “Corbett is messing up everything for everyone.”

“People are ready for change,” she added. “North Philly is ready for a change, better wages, better schools and a better community. And we’re ready for Tom Wolf.”

Nicole is working hard to help Tom Wolf become the next governor and to sweep Tom Corbett out of office. She spent a few hours on a recent Saturday with the SEIU Wolf Pack. The hundreds of SEIU members are volunteering to knock on doors and talk with their community about the damage Corbett has done to our schools, jobs and healthcare and why they should vote for Tom Wolf on the November 4th Election Day.

“Because of Tom Corbett’s budget cuts our schools in Philadelphia are in crisis. He’s forced schools to close all over the city and now the classrooms are overcrowded. It’s so bad the schools barely opened this year,” Nicole said. “It’s wrong and we have to do something about it.”

As angry as she is about Tom Corbett’s failures, she’s just as excited to support Tom Wolf. She knows he’ll return the $1 billion that Corbett cut from Pennsylvania’s schools and he’ll stand with workers to fight for good jobs, better wages and the healthcare that people need.

“I’m volunteering because we’ve got to get people to go out and vote. Tom Wolf cares about us and we’ve got to help him win this election.

“Tom Corbett doesn’t stand with us. He’s fighting for the big corporations and the wealthy. If we don’t defeat him now then imagine how much damage he’ll do if we give him four more years. Imagine what will happen to our schools and the jobs in this state.”

Now is the time to get involved by joining other SEIU members in helping to make Tom Wolf the next governor of Pennsylvania. Volunteer canvasses will be held in cities throughout the state, including Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown, Erie, Scranton and many more. If we’re going to defeat Tom Corbett and help elect a pro-worker governor then we need your help. Click here to view the complete list of upcoming SEIU canvasses and sign up for one near you.

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