SEIU Wolf Pack volunteer Darlene Techentin

When the SEIU Wolf Pack hit the streets last weekend in Philadelphia, Allentown and Scranton many of the volunteers were rookies, but some were old pros like Darlene Techentin from SEIU Healthcare PA. The nursing home aide joined her mom to go door-to-door in Allentown to talk about electing Tom Wolf for governor.

Like the other volunteers from 32BJ SEIU and SEIU 668, Darlene is angry about Gov. Tom Corbett’s failed leadership. As a grandmother, she’s worried about the quality of education her grandchildren will receive after Corbett slashed schools by $1 billion.

“Tom Corbett has taken a lot from education,” said Darlene, a 13-year member of SEIU. “All children deserve a good education, a well-rounded education. His cuts have made schools eliminate gym, health, music, library and other important programs. That’s not a good thing.”

Statewide, Corbett’s education cuts have forced 20,000 teachers and staff out of our schools as classroom sizes increased and school districts raised property taxes to make up for the huge decline in state funding.

Allentown, where Darlene volunteered, is among the hardest hit. The city’s schools cut 400 jobs and hiked property taxes 5 percent in each of the past two years, according to the Allentown Morning Call.

Darlene likes that Tom Wolf will reverse Corbett’s deep education cuts and that he believes Pennsylvania should expand Medicaid. Gov. Corbett has refused to accept federal funding to increase access to healthcare for 500,000 working people and families.

“I see what happens to people without healthcare. It’s a terrible financial burden and some people are losing their homes. Other people simply go without care which can cost them their life.

Darlene Techentin is fighting to give PA a fresh start by electing Tom Wolf as governor.

Darlene Techentin is fighting to give PA a fresh start by electing Tom Wolf as governor.

She added, “I like that Tom Wolf supports Medicaid expansion. He understands that it is the right thing to do for uninsured workers and will help to create jobs.”

Darlene has been following Wolf for many months. A while back she emailed him with questions about his position on several issues. She was pleasantly surprised that she got a response and she loved his answers.

That passion has Darlene excited about becoming actively involved in SEIU’s program to elect Wolf on November 4th. She knows that Pennsylvania can’t take another four years of Tom Corbett. And she’s equally passionate about Tom Wolf because of his support for working families, reversing the Corbett school cuts and starting to create an economy that works for all us.

Darlene is encouraging her SEIU brothers and sisters to join her fight for Tom Wolf. Starting in September, volunteers across the state will hit the streets each Saturday in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown, Altoona, Erie and Scranton to help inform their communities about Tom Wolf and get out the vote.

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