Members go door-to-door in Delaware Co. to oppose H.B. 1507

Middle class workers go door-to-door to tell the public about anti-worker legislation.

Middle class workers go door-to-door to tell the public about anti-worker legislation.

Less than two weeks after a massive crowd filled the state Capitol in Harrisburg to protest anti-worker legislation, many of our brothers and sisters are taking the message to the people of Pennsylvania.

Members of SEIU Local 668, SEIU 32BJ and SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania went door-to-door in state Rep. Steve Barrar’s legislative district in southern Delaware and Chester counties. They talked with voters about House Bill 1507 which would silence the voice of working Pennsylvanians. Rep. Bryan Cutler of Lancaster County introduced the bill.

Through those conversations they explained how anti-worker proposals like H.B. 1507 are being promoted across the county by right-wing organizations. These groups are funded by the controversial Koch brothers and other conservatives fighting to protect massive corporate tax breaks and tilt the balance of power further in their favor. The canvassers also described how the bill is based on sample legislation written by the corporate-funded America Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

Many of the voters were angry to hear that Governor Tom Corbett is strongly supporting the bill. It directly targets many

SEIU members canvass in Rep. Barrar's district to oppose H.B. 1507

SEIU members canvass in Rep. Barrar’s district to oppose H.B. 1507

of the people who have fought back against his agenda of slashing schools by $1 billion and devastating cuts to healthcare and services needed in the community. Backers of H.B. 1507 want to silence nurses advocating for patients, teachers fighting for their students and public safety officers who want to keep our neighborhoods safer.

Among the canvassers was Debbie Brown of SEIU Local 668. She said the response from the voters in Delaware County was terrific. Many people agreed to contact Rep. Barrar to urge him to reject H.B 1507. She added that Pennsylvania should focus on creating jobs and rebuilding the middle class, not taking away our collective voice.

Additional canvasses will be held throughout Pennsylvania in the coming weeks. You can stand with them against this anti-worker legislation. Call your legislator today or email them and let them know they need to vote NO on HB 1507 and SB 1034.

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