Statement on Independent Fiscal Office Report

Study shows Medicaid expansion is fiscally sustainable

HARRISBURG, April 23 – Neal Bisno, President of SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania and Secretary-Treasurer of the SEIU PA State Council, issued the following statement in response to the Pennsylvania Independent Fiscal Office report released today concerning Medicaid expansion in Pennsylvania.

“Today’s non-partisan IFO report is the latest independent study to prove that expanding health insurance through Medicaid will reduce costs to taxpayers, strengthen our economy, create jobs and help thousands of people. Report after report now demonstrates that accepting federal dollars to improve our healthcare system is the best choice for our state.

“This should be the tipping point for the Governor. Pennsylvania must seize this moment to bring financial stability to our hospitals and access to quality, cost-effective care for Pennsylvanians. Without expanding Medicaid our healthcare crisis will only get worse. More people will be forced to rely on the emergency room for services as federal reimbursements for uncompensated care decrease, driving up healthcare costs for everyone and further stretching nurses and healthcare workers.  It’s a path Pennsylvania cannot afford to take.

“As the IFO report confirms today, Medicaid expansion is a ‘win-win’ opportunity for Pennsylvania.  The evidence is overwhelming and the facts are clear. Governor Corbett must act now.”

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